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By: Jerry Credit

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Credit Reports -- Your Free Report Could Cost You

The growing prevalence of identity theft and increased concern about good financial health has led many consumers to seek copies of their credit reports online. Doing so is certainly laudable; the more you know about how potential creditors and lenders see you, the more prepared you can be when it comes time to apply for a loan or credit. An added bonus is that consumers can obtain one copy of their credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus once a year through the official Web site set up for such purposes at

Unfortunately, there are still many Web sites that exist for the sole purpose of tricking consumers who are seeking copies of their free reports. A quick Google search for the term "free credit report" today turned up no fewer than twenty four million sites in the search results. There certainly are not twenty four million Web sites that are going to provide copies of credit reports for free, so what is this all about?

It's about money. Aside from the "official" site, the others are there to profit, and they can profit in one of two different ways:

Sell you something - Some of these sites actually belong to the credit bureaus; they have set them up to give you the credit report while selling something else to you in the meantime. These sites will offer the "free" report in large letters, while telling you in smaller ones that by accepting the free report you are agreeing to buy a credit monitoring service, which can cost you $10-15 per month. The credit bureau-owned sites will also tell you that you can get your report for free at the "official" site. That is usually stated in fairly small print near the bottom of the page.

Steal something from you - Unfortunately, there are still many unscrupulous crooks out there on the Internet who see the interest in credit reports as the ideal way to steal personal information from people. Their sites will offer a "free" report, and perhaps some other services for which you can pay. But when you fill out the application and provide your name, Social Security number and credit card, you get nothing in return. Instead, the operators of these sites use the personal information to borrow money and take out credit in your name, leaving you to pay the bills.

If all you want is a free credit report, the best way to avoid this problem is to obtain it from the official Web site at Alternatively, you can call 1-877-322-8228 to receive your report by mail. That way, you can avoid being victimized by the thousands of Web sites that might cause you to pay dearly for your "free" credit report.

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Bad Credit Report and its Implications

Bad credit report gives a negative repercussion on your financial standing. Several agencies would be monitoring your conduct of handling credit. Even a single failure recorded against you leads to vulnerability when you plan to open a new transaction account.

It is very important to maintain your credibility because it is the only key that you can hold on to win the approval of your creditors. It will be easier for you to execute business with them if you have a clean record.

Credit reporting gives protection to the financial institutions and merchants against fraudulency. If they will keep on entertaining clients that will just deceive them, it may lead them to bankruptcy.

Most of the people who have bad credit record are blacklisted on several companies. This is the reason why they are not given opportunity anymore to make transaction with the said companies.

Turning a Bad Credit Report Around

There are several ways to get your bad credit report to do a 180. This may include making purchases through credit and paying them off consistently and on time. The problem though is you may have to pay higher rates than what a person with a good credit report may be obliged to pay.

But his is a small matter if you consider that you will be getting back your good credit rating and report. Once you get it back, you can purchase products on credit once again without any worries.

It is also imperative that you update your credit report to see how bad it is and how far you have progressed in turning it around. Any errors in there could do a lot of damage so make sure that they are completely updated and truthful.

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Handling Your Credit Report

Not a lot of people may realize this, but one of the most vital documents that you should take note of, is your credit report. It is a document that contains detailed information about your credit history, including identifying data, credit accounts and loans, records of late payments, bankruptcies and pretty much almost everything that has to do with how you handle your finances.

This report, depending on its content, can either help you a lot or cause serious hindrances to you, especially if you are operating your own small business or about to make certain loans. After all, your credit report will basically become one of the major defying factors of your creditworthiness.

How Vital Is Your Credit Report?

If you have not been in a situation that has commenced how important your credit report is, let us allow an example scenario to walk you through. Let us say that one of these days you may need a certain amount of money in order to push through the expansion of your business. In doing so, you may need to apply for a loan or a credit account in order to gain funding for your project.

But before any lenders would actually give you a credit account or give you a loan, they would first check on your creditworthiness and whether they can trust you to make the right payments. With this, they would of course check your credit report to see if you have any histories of bankruptcies, unpaid debts, late payments and so on. If you do not have a very good credit record, then no lender would most likely help you out. And this could be very much of a hassle to you.

Such a situation can be applicable not only to your business needs, but to your personal needs as well, such as asking for a car loan or a housing loan. Even in trying to get a credit card account can become a difficult process if your report is unfavorable. And also, some firms that you may want to do business with or partner with in the future would most likely want to look up on your credit report and might be discouraged if it does not project a good image.

What Should You Do To Keep Your Credit Report Favorable?

With your credit report being very essential to establishing your financial reputation, you must do what you can to keep it as clean and favorable as possible. Paying your bills on time, preventing debts from mounting up, and basically handling your finances well are just few of the things that you can do to keep your record untarnished.

If you realize that upon checking your credit report, there might be some errors in it, make sure that you exhaust all means to correct it as this can reflect badly on you. Sometimes these errors may come because of innocent technical mistakes through your banks, and sometimes they may come with much serious threats as having people steal your credit identity. In such cases, contact the credit bureau and report your concerns as well as correct errors by approaching the source of your report.

Credit reports may be just as important as your passport, birth certificate or any other legal records. It helps establish your financial identity and reputation, and may prove to be very useful not only for you to handle your personal finances well, but even in your business finances.

In trying to do transactions that may involve money and credit with other people, this will be one of the very crucial things examined. And so, make sure that you manage your record well and keep it as spotless as possible.

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